Corruption, Urbanismo y Partida Andalucista y PP??

Town hall Velez-Malaga and town planning

The owner came back in 2012 to check the status of the house as the builder that should finish the house had died. For the finishing of the house an appointment with the town planning department of Velez-Malaga was the first thing that needed to be done. An appointment with the lawyer of GVA in Torre del Mar Silvana Blanc and the owner was made. The appointment was made with Antonio Garcia Olmo in april 2012.


here on the picture with red circle.

During that meeting Antonio Garcia Olmo explained that all was done properly, there were no problems and he showed a letter dated 2009 that the town planning measured all and all had been approved and correct so all was ready to finish the house (this was in 2012).


As the building license was granted in 2004, he expressed that the finishing of the house needed to be done this year in order to receive the living license to occupy.

To finish the house, a new architect  Jose Luis Torres from Velez Malaga

was presented to the town planning where Jorge Granados Rodriquez the technical architect was. They both said that all was fine for applying for the living license to occupy in December 2012 when the building was finished.

Jose Luis Torres


Living license refused there are a lot of problems?

Now when applying for the license to occupy,  there are suddenly a lot of problems…with the construction and the 20 meters between the house and the plot line with Aurelia Ruiz Ales not being respected. There seem to be reports from architects that made complaints about the construction of the house and much more….

In november 2012 the inspection was done by the town planning of Velez-Malaga and all was fine.

See the handwritten note here


that town hall left behind in November 2012 when they visited the plot.


A.T. Martin technical architect of the town planning of Velez-Malaga (PP) and


M. Gutierrez Councilman Environment of the town hall of Velez-Malaga.

From April 2012 a small file has suddenly become a pile of papers of 20 cm!? A copy of the complete file was requested and suddenly there are a lot of reasons why the license to occupy will not be granted and is now denied by the town planning of Velez-Malaga.

In order to get this solved, in a visit in 2014 with the same Antonio Garcia Olmo  he told me that he does not know about which letter of approval of the house I was talking about….and that letter had now disappeared out of the file at the town hall planning.

Now with this and the court case it is going to be very suspicious…………. More reason to find out what is happening at Town Hall and town Planning of Velez-Malaga.

False papers also in Town hall Velez-Malaga and town planning?

Juan Flores Bernal is the architect according to the papers of Town Hall planning in 2010. The owner of the house has not appointed him nor does he know him and when the office was called and asked for the signed document that he was assigned as architect, it could not be provided.

In the picture, it seems that he retired a long time ago.

Now in the copy of the file of city planning Velez Malaga there are more architects assigned but when the owner of the house started to call them they did not know the case nor could they provide any proof of payment or signed document of assignment. Miguel Garcia del Corral colegiado 513 and Luis Miguel Lopez de Garayo y Salcedo. All called but nobody could or wanted to provide any proof.


The first clue found in Town Planning Velez-Malaga!

After some investigation it seems that the daughter of Aurelia Ruiz Ales is working at Town Planning of Velez-Malaga. Inma Ales Martin. Here on picture

Here she also confirms that she is working for city planning Velez Malaga since 1990.She wants to fight for her village Almayate (where the house is built) and the train depot (synical the million euro train of Velez Malaga is wasted money as nobody was using it, sold at a bargain). She wants to get the tourist to come. However, with this corruption all the tourists will be gone…

Now the person that is involved in this case where the NIE number has been changed at the postal office, who is not the owner is in the court case but has been brought to court as the builder. However in the application for the building license he is mentioned as representative. As Inma Ales Martin is working at city planning she knows that he was the reepresentative and not the builder. He is not even the owner…..but her mother together with her probably presented him in the court case as the builder in order to make him responsible and in that way could embargo his house in Torrox and his bank account.

If the court case was started on the correct name, he had the possibility to defend himself. Inma Ales Martin knew this. She wanted the land back for her mother and later on for her family.

Of course the living license will be refused as her influence will enter into play. With legal help she will know what to do.



Seems that Aída M ª Conde Quintano, is a lawyer working at city planning Vélez-Malaga,

(work partner with Inma Ales Martin at the city planning office)

Aida conde Quitano is now refusing to issue the license to occupy. Logic as even when requested papers are presented, the city council is ignoring them. Also architects from Velez Malaga do not want to take the case. The last architect was sued by Juzgado Velez Malaga and the current r Claims Lawyers first accepted to solve the case with their architect, but resigned from the case giving the reason that the distance was too far (They knew that in advance when they accepted the case right?).

Possible friends of Inma Ales

Antonia Ruiz Oliva


Concepcion Labao Moreno


Miguel Angel Molina Ruiz


Partido Andalucista Velez-Malaga corruption

What has Partido Andalucista Velez-Malaga to do with Inma Ales Martin and their role of corruption?

Main people of Partido Andalucista


Biografía José Antonio Iranzo Ruiz here left on the picture

Born en Málaga, 63 year, resident of Marbella. Experience employment in the bank (40 years), 14 years in the Banco of Málaga,later on with Banco Atlántico, Natwest, Solbank and Sabadell Atlántico.

Educated as lawyer with legal rights hold a law degree Universitat Oberta de Catalunuya, at this moment he has his own office in Marbella. (Is Sergio Ruiz Martin judge in Marbella, family? and or family of Inma Ales Martin?)

Antonio Jesús Ruiz in the middle

Born in Prado del Rey (Cádiz) in 1972. Is Secretary General of Partido Andalucista and was councilor and vice mayor in the city councilEl Puerto de Santa María

Inma Ales Martin, Picture of her and


here in an article

about her philosophy of the Partido Andalucista (list partida andalucista no 24) and her brother

image26Pepito Ales, Picture of him



(and he is on the list Partida Andalucista no 14)

Inma Ales Martin next to Iranzo Ruiz.


other pictures of inma Ales and partido andalucista.