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Collegio de abogados Malaga

When you want to drop a complaint against a lawyer you will have to contact the collegio de abogados in malaga. You follow the procedure and then of course you will hear nothing as they will ignore the complaint. The complaint has been dropped with registered letter about one lawyer that did not do anything (have 3 now) and collegio de abogados will not even reply although the letter was send registered.


The lawyers


GVA lawyers, MT lawyers, Claim abogados madrid…..


Eduardo Ruiz Martin Ariza must be a family member of Aurelia as in court Jesus Ariza Ruiz made the down payment of 1500 euros in the court case in order to get a report done by an Agricola engineer who was needed to estimate the damage on the land. GVA received money and did not send any reply to the court in all that time. He let the case pass by the deadline on purpose so nothing could be done anymore.

Found something on the internet about GVA

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Do not use GVA, they swindled me out of over €200,000 by not doing due diligence. When challenged their reply was, I should have gone to the bank and asked to see the proof of Escrow account of the developer?! What did I pay them for?! Also when they set up my company they made a big deal out of how vital it was that I sign the papers before the 31st May, only for me to find out that I was liable for a full year’s tax return plus other costs, if I had signed on the 1st June I wouldn’t have had to pay tax until the next year. They charge heavily and do NOT look after the client’s interest. I can name over 70 other people who were fleeced by GVA, they may be good at banking law, but there it stops…… AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!

Now GVA who did not follow the case are claiming that the full cost according to the work paper is not paid. Logic as they did not do anythingexactly as written above. However the court in Velez-Malaga has now approved that the owner of the plot has to pay all the costs. Even when there was proof that the work was not done, again the Court of Velez-Malaga is doing nothing. The work paper, proof that the work is not finished, is ignored.

Sebastian Navas Dominguez and Gisella Serpentini

Both here in picture



Sebastian works in Nerja and Gisella in Velez-Malaga. Refused to start a case against GVA as you cannot sue your colleagues!! They both made sure that the representative could not defend himself as they did not present any paper to court. Advice, pay the other party.

MT lawyers (also here lawyer gone) advice, pay the other party.

Claim Abogados

They represent themselves on the internet as fighting corruption but in fact they cooperate. They ask an amazing lot of money but ignore all the false reports that are made. The representative had to go to Consitutional court and they only want to bring the case there for an amazing lot of money and they informed me that NO SINGLE PAPER OF PROOF OTHER THAN THE COURT PAPERS THAT WERE IN VELEZ MALAGA CAN BE PRESENTED. So how can you prove that you have nothing to do with the case if Claim Abogados are saying that it is not allowed to bring in papers at that court?


here in picture Macarena Cortes Gomez


here in picture Jose Anibal Alvarez Garcia (being the lawyer to fight corruption????)

Also here a lawyer’s office that promise a lot but calls the other party behind your back and arranges settlements.