Grants what is happening with it?

The waste of money of velez malaga

Vélez Málaga train stops running after five years of service.
It was inaugurated in 2006 and costed 40 million euros. It had an average of 1800 passengers per day, half of the amount required to make the service profitable.
The first year of service the train was used by 922.135 passengers. This number still did not make the service profitable. Moreover, the number of passengers became less and less as the years went by, reaching 676.000 users per year during 2011.
The balance was set in 1.14 million passengers per year. This figure seems difficult to reach in a city of 77 thousand people.
 Also, the ticket price was 1.30 euros for users while the “technical cost of the service” was 1.82 euros. The difference was paid by the City Hall. By 2011, the train owed 2 million euros and an annual deficit of 800 thousand euros.

City hall will inaugurate the new park for dogs in Vélez Malaga.
Francisco Delgado Bonilla, the mayor of Vélez Málaga, with other members of his administration have informed of the opening of a park for dogs in Velez Málaga.
This park, of 15 thousand square meters and two kms of paths, will be the largest of its kind in Andalucía and one of the biggest in Spain. “It’s a place for all neighbors, whether they have dogs or not” said Delgado Bonilla.
They are also studying the possibility of a smaller version of this park for Torre del Mar.
Construction had a cost of 120 thousand euros, 75 thousand were given by the Province Council and 45 thousand by the City Hall.

The PSOE city group reports that the City Hall has lost a sports grant of nearly 300 thousand euros (7/05/2015)
Francisco Delgado Bonilla has lost a sports grant from the Junta de Andalucía, about 300 thousand euros, as the administration spent the money in areas that were different from the ones determined.
Cynthia García, spokeswoman of the PSOE, pointed that in 2009 an agreement was signed to remodel the Sports Club Fernando Ruiz Hierro. By that time the Socialist government was going to use that money to habilitate the pool.
According to García, the PP, which is currently in charge of the City Hall, has given up these works with the excuse that there are already enough. Instead, they built new tennis courts “being aware that the grant was for the pool and that there are currently seven tennis courts that are not being used…”
Also, García highlighted that the pool in Vélez- Málaga will close next June due to a series of construction work. That will make pool users move to Torre del Mar. “This is another proof of the poor management of the PP in terms of sports”.

Velez will recover the City’s old train station
The mayor Francisco Delgado Bonilla together with the Urbanism councilor, Concepción Labao, have presented a project for the adaptation of the old train station that is part of the Plan Recupera 2011-2015. The works are supposed to begin the first weeks of May and be concluded for the summer.
Labao has pointed out that 243 thousand euros will spent, given by the Council of Málaga, and will take about 5 months.
The construction work will result in a waiting room for passengers, a coffe shop and toilets.

The city hall presents 3 new motorcycles for the local police. (20/04/2015)
The Mayor Delgado Bonilla has presented three new motorbikes for the local police of the city. 21.700 euros were spent and this figure is related to the purchase of other 10 vehicles bought in 2013 through a renting plan for four years. 473 thousand euros were spent in that last purchase.
Moreover, the mayor announced that the police station will undergo construction work for new changing rooms. This will cost 100 thousand euros.
Also, Delgado Bonilla will spend 78.000 euros in the adquisition of 18 new vehicles that are concluding the renting service and will become part of the City’s inventory. What is more, the administration is going to acquire 20 new vehicles. “we renovated the whole fleet of the government (municipal) vehicles for 55.0000 euros. We now have more material resources that allow us to satisfy the general interest”.


The responsible of Urbanism, Concepción Labao, has informed that the City Hall is working towards buying several houses that are located near Constitución square and that used to be part of the Arab fortress wall of the city.
The “Consitorio” owns two of the houses and its currently negotiating the purchase of other 3 properties.
The main objective is to recover the fortress wall. “We want (the wall) to be visible from the Puerta Real to the Plan General office, just in front of the Senior Center”, Labao stated.
The fortress wall of Vélez Málaga is an Arab construction from the XII century that used to separate the outside from the inside of the city. The government has recovered several meters of the wall in the neighborhood of La Villa and in the Fortaleza Alcanzaba. “Culture and the recovery of our heritage is a priority for this Government”, Labao said.

“The Andalucista Group asks the Mayor to play clean with Vélez Málaga”.
The government administration is promoting a campaign related to the cleaning of the city called “Juega limpio con tu ciudad (Be clean with your city)”.
The Andalucista group considers that the cleaning problem is not related to the cupcake, ice-cream or chip bags, or any other kind of rubbish children don´t put inside the bins. The problem is actually is related to the administration, the way it manages waste and let’s not forget that the Government owes 12 million euros to Althenia and 20% of the population has no cleaning service whatsoever.
“All children by bringing 15 bags/packs of cupcakes, snacks, ice-cream or chips will receive a bag full of candies”. This is the solution to the cleaning situation in Vélez Málaga according to Mr. Arrieta.

Vélez-Málaga will lose 2.6 million euros funds from Feesl for missing a deadline in three construction works.
Delgado Bonilla has explained that the construction works are a Social center for the people in Torre del Mar, an association house and an Educational center. Construction has already begun in the last two projects.

Vélez-Málaga will recover Lope de Vega theatre. The bugdet is 1.2 million euros. (3/12/2014)
The theatre closed in the late 80’s after thirty years of shows. It will open next year after construction works approved by the City Hall and the Council of Malaga.
The new project will add chairs to have an audience of almost a thousand seats. It was presented by the arquitect Francisco Moreno and the mayor Delgado Bonilla.
It will become one of the largest in audience of the province, after the Cervantes theatre in Málaga. The council will fund the construction works.
Concepción Labao, responsible of Urbanism, explained that the theatre will be connected to the San Francisco market and both projects will share spaces . “We want to thank the Council for their support to our City Hall; also today they have sent us a certificate for the future City Museum located in San Juan de Dios Hospital”, Labao added.

Construction work on del Mar street to make it pedestrian will cost 454.000 euros.
The Council has given 454.000 euros to the City Hall of Vélez Málaga for pavement, lighting, urban furniture and gardening.
The Council of Málaga has given this money through the Productive Investment Plan. This pedestrian street becomes the main access to the promenade apart from the Paseo de Larios.
The project was completed by Albuñol S.A. This project was awarded by the Vélez Málaga City Hall.
The Council of Málaga has allocated 7.6 million euros since the beginning of the current Velez- Málaga administration.

Old market will become a gastronomic center. The budget is 1.2 million euros (29/01/2015)
San Francisco municipal market, located in the historic center of Vélez will develop into a multipurpose space for entrepreneurship, cultural and social activities. Delgado Bonilla signed an agreement with the public company Tragsa for construction works valued in 2.119.967 euros. “The agreement involves the immediate start, which should be concluded before the end of the year” Delgado said.
The project aims to make the old market useful and boost the commercial activity of the historic center.
The City Hall plans for the market to have 46 market spaces and a surface of 770 meters for miscellaneous activities. The investment of 2.119.967 will be funded by the plan “Urban Initiative Toda la Villa” that will contribute with 1.695.974 euros and the City Hall will provide the rest.

Vélez-Málaga opens a new building for Social Services. The Investment of 1.2 million euros was funded by the City Hall and Andalucía Council.
This new building has an area of 1.641 square meters divided in three floors surface.
The ground floor is for public use. The property will have 24 offices, dos meeting rooms and parking areas.

Vélez City Hall approves budget for 2015, for more then 90 million euros.
Investments and helps
6.3 million for the following: – splitting of the Camino de Torrox for the amount 1.1 million
– 725.000 euros for the construction of a road that will connect Comarcal de la Axarquía Hospital with Juan Carlos I avenue.
-555.726 euros for recovering del Pósito building. This construction will host the Municipal Historic Archives and Maria Zambrano Fundation.

Contemporary art Center. Investment is estimated in 3 million euros.
The building, which is 1800 m2, will undergo remodeling and it is the first of its kind in Velez. The project is funded by the City and the Council of Andalucía.
The center has seven rooms for permanent and temporary exhibitions, an auditorium, workshops, classrooms, cafeteria, a shop and warehouse space.
With the opening of this center, Velez will become one of the few cities in Andalucía that is not capital of province to have a museum dedicated to contemporary art.