Fake Reports

Topografic plan is false

The court case that started years ago was because the neighbors Aurelia Ruiz Alés from Almayate found that too much ground was dug and her land was touched. However the land was already dug see picture before the house was built on it. The land was offered like that. Looks like this game was already planned in advance. And it is even stranger to know that Aurelia Ruiz Alés has been the owner of the land since years ago.
The original tree line from years ago is used as the official line which was not touched (deed description).
Photo before the house was built



Photo after the house was build


The plans at the cadaster (which are not official) were changed in these years and when the whole court case was done there was something else that was strange. Using the techniques of today, measuring the land respecting the decision of the borders, there are 1200 m2 less than in the deed. And the deed is leading. How is it possible that the judge of the court of Velez-Malaga did not check those reports as the owner now has 12.700 m2 in total not 14.000 m2 …….

Aurelia Ruiz Alés started the court case while she was the orignal owner of the land years ago but sold it because they had money problems. The architect Rafael Luques Ruiz de Mier who is of the family of Aurelia Ruiz Alés and who was the architect of the plans for building the house, made the request for the building license which was granted.
Aurelia Ruiz Alés could present in court whatever she wanted as she knew that the registered address of the owner of the plot was abroad and the representative could not be found as the name was changed and his NIE.
The court case was started in 2004 and a surveyor was assigned by Aurelia Ruiz Alés. The surveyor Jose Ramon Sendra, college number 1.886


Jose Ramon Sendra

Jose Ramon Sendra

as described in the court documents but he could not be found under that registered number during that time (see linkedin profile) and he was NOT a surveyor for court.

However he can be found as director of the school in Anoreta, Rincon de la Victoria and currently working at Novasoft. The school in Anoreta where the town hall has provided the financial money for building the deportivo


see pictureimage_deportivo

The school gives the image of an international school but the school is more Spanish than English. The false report that has been made by Jose Ramon Sendra Acre was of course not to the advantage of the owner of the plot. By getting the plan approved in the court of Velez-Malaga  this new survey plan gave the owner another big problem. The situation of the house on the plot was set without respecting the 20 meters separation distance with the neighbor’s plot (who is of course Aurelia Ruiz Alés).

Was this done on purpose as that could give some financial advantage to Aurelia Ruiz Alés?

The architect Rafael Luques Ruiz de Mier who set out the situation of the house on the plot is a family member of Aurelia Ruiz Alés.

Jose Ramon Sendra (currently working at Novasoft) was not registered at the colegio de topografos in Malaga but probably is a friend of the family of Aurelia ruiz Ales making sure at city planning that this school funded by the city council having the most facilities of all the schools in Andalucia.

Agricultural plan is false

This report has been set up by treasurer: D. Luis Anaya Paz de colegio de Agricola Malaga. He has calculated that
905.60 m3 of high agricultural ground that was taken away had to be put back on the plot of Aurelia Ruiz Ales and of course the court accepted the case. In reality this is impossible as one truck could carry max 8 m3 so in total there would have to be more than

truck for ground


100 trucks with agricultural ground that has to be put back???!! on 30 m2???

See photo about which part of ground we are talking about.




Besides that the plot of Aurelia Ruiz Ales is not even used, the report does not make any sense and if is false but accepted by the court of Velez-Malaga.

Invoice is false and company is garage box


There has been a price given from a company called Gruas Mercado S.L, CIF B92202126, address is a garage box in Velez-Malaga.

see pictureimage36

Monica Mercado Ruiz (family of Aurealia Ruiz Ales?)

Administrative Clerk at Gruas Mercado, S.L.

Education in the architecture. This company and two other companies with about the same name is also used in the Town Hall for works for projects for Velez-Malaga. See more about the projects of the Town Hall.