Corruption Court


When you have friends in court of Velez malaga


The court case started behind your back and you have nothing to do with it, how come you can be convicted? Only when the layers play a bad game with you and where corruption in court is the case. In court Velez-Malaga you can be convicted, you are warned.

It stinks, that is clear, but how come?

Which law says that you can be convicted if you were not responsible, not the owner and not the builder? This is possible in Spain. When your name is announced at the public board it cannot be you as your name and NIE is not correct.

They cannot find you because you do not exist right?

So the judge was misled with false information…..or was the judge a member of the Aurelia Ruiz Ales family (she was years ago the owner of the property but had to sell it)?

Then the following unbelievable thing happens….

The other party is informing you in 2012 that you have had a court case that started in 2005. What you do is engage a lawyer and request a copy of the complete court case right?

You have to find out what happened behind your back and you go to Juzgado de Primera Instancia No 3 in Velez-Malaga. You request a complete copy of the court case. Then the secretary of the court case makes you sign otherwise you cannot get a copy of the file. The secretary of the court of Velez-Malaga

Salvador Saenz Abujeta

let you sign for accepting the papers and then after the court case has been done, he makes a note in the files, correct your name and NIE number and then block (EMBARGO) your house and block your bank account as you are convicted to pay an amazing lot of money for damage which you are not responsible for. Weird, yes but possible in Spain. The court has accepted it. The case was sent to Tribunal supremo in Madrid and the judge there ignored too.

Now you get suspicious……

But what was this court case about??

In year 2000 a plot of land was bought by a company. The land was prepared for building. See here picture land without house and with house.



The owner hired a company that made a bigger platform for it by hiring an excavation company. However before the digging started,  the points of the land were set out to be sure not to touch the land of the neighbors. This was of course Aurelia Ruiz Ales.

When the marks of the plot were set out and the marks of the house to be built, she started the court case. However the owner of the land was abroad for long time and the notifications of the court case were sent…. guess…. to an old address. Aurelia Ruiz Ales found that her land was touched and because she knew that she need not expect any defense and being well covered she even got a wrong report of marks of the land approved by the court. (The owner has now fewer square meters than on the deed).

Then the game of lawyers starts about how to get the money….

The court of Velez-Malaga is also making arrangements for experts that are not officially assigned by court and using them to estimate the value of the house for auction. The procurator Agustin Moreno Kustner is working at court Velez-Malaga in connection with Antonio Vigo Cuenca on facebook. He is not a listed official expert and he cannot be found on the expert list. He is just used for a report made ordered by Juzgado Velez-Malaga. And guess….. a house with a building license, for 350 m2 constructed and estimated worth at least 1.5 million is now estimated by the court at 80.000 euro. Even when the building license has been officially done. The trick, the court is accepting that even when the house is there, it is officially estimated that only the house as no license to occupy yet.


But read of course of the next part…




Is not an expert, has connections with procurador and has a licence for his food and tabaco grocery


The court case decision has been taken by the judge Estefania Zapico Martin who is married with Sergio Ruiz Martin, family of Aurelia Ales Ruiz….?!

Shown here on pictureimage21

having a party to celebrate the ending of the course for lawyer in Malaga. Estafania Zapico Martin and Sergio Ruiz Martin were both at that time judges at the Juzgado de primera Instancia in Velez Malaga. Currently they are both judges in Marbella.

But that is not all…. See the false reports all accepted by court Velez-Malaga.