The corruption case


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Notifications at the post office

The whole court case started as follows; the company who owns the property and the representative of the building license were sued by Aurelia Ruiz Ales from Almayate, thinking that the company owner is the same person as the representative.


Because the company did not have an updated address, the company administration and the company were not informed. The representative who is a resident of Spain could be informed. Because the name and NIE were not correct the representative was not informed. Besides that in the court case the representative was changed into the builder…!? So first a name and NIE number were incorrect, then the representative was changed into the builder. The lawyer of the other party started the court case. And this is where the court case starts behind your back. The post office gave a certificate that the person signed to accept the notification for the court case. However there is no signature available only the certificate of the post office. When a copy of the signature is asked so it could be verified with a handwriting specialist, the signature is gone as it was too long ago.

The argument used by the post office when you ask for a signature: 

“It was years ago so we don’t have that anymore but trust us, we have given the certificate that you picked it up so it was you…”

Even when there are mistakes in the name and the wrong NIE number,  they don’t say anything and your lawyer is playing the same game and is going along with it.

The court is misled and this opens the doors for the opponent to start playing the game. When you check the court case papers you can see that for years the court cannot find the person that got involved and does not make any efforts. The opponent could bring all kind of reports without meeting any objection against them and the money involved could be sky high because of the interest of all these years. When that is the case, then for sure the lawyers are going to call each other and make agreements about what money to receive. If you think your lawyer is defending you then you are wrong. He/she is becoming your enemy and he or she will tell you a lot of lies to reach their goal. Even when you have a good chance of winning the case, they will advise you otherwise and make sure that the time to defend yourself is going to be too late.

Money first Justice hard to find in Andalucia…