Banks are involved in corruption too?

A payment to the court to Velez-Malaga was to be done in June 2014. In this way according to Claim Abogados, you will avoid the auction of the house regarding this special court case. So this was done but the money was hanging somewhere in the air. Barclay bank has confirmed that the money was send out and get into the court account of Velez Malaga. But even then it took 5 months to get the money confirmed by the court as that was in November 2014.  Then the money was instead of putting in escrow for the court case given to Aurelia Ruiz the other party while the case was pending in Higher Court in Madrid… Claim abogados later on informed that this was agreed… does not make sense does it? Higher Appeal was still pending for decision…..

That even money transfer all correct done, no mistakes, all proof can be on his way for 5 months??

Could it be that Antonio Iranzo Ruiz of the Partido Andalucista (Born en Málaga, 63 year, resident of Marbella. Experience employment in the bank (40 years), 14 years in the Banco of Málaga,later on with Banco Atlántico, Natwest, Solbank and Sabadell Atlántico) could have helped Inma Ales Martin? Inma Ales Martin on the left photo and Iranzo ruiz on the right photo.

inma ales2iranzo ruiz

Inma Ales Martin and Antonio Martin

Big party first picture on the left Inma Ales Martin and  second picture her husband (?) Antonio Martin (third from the right)