Lawyers of Spain, mafia?

These days if you are a tourist or if you plan to move to Spain it is better to know the real Spain and the explosive  corruption especially in the South of Spain.  As a foreigner in a developed country you know the law should protect you. However when you come to Spain you get into a world where the law is ruled by people, politicians, court and groups especially when you are in Velez Malaga. Spain has been seen by tourists as the country of the sun and the country of the good life. But that is history. When people move to Spain they could discover what could turn out to be a totally different story.

Lawyers that are not corrupt are hard to find

In case you need to have a lawyer and you have made an appointment, they setup a so called hoja (work plan) as if they can surely help you. However you should watch them to be sure that they will do their work especially when you have made a down payment, you have to checkto see that they are really doing their work. Money comes first, work second or not even at the end. Lawyers do not tell you the truth. Do not believe what the lawyers are telling you. Don’t be surprised that today the story could be different than the story after 2 months.


When there is some money involved or let’s say already paid, is when the game starts and there is a good chance that you (as a tourist) will lose the case. The lawyers contact each other and start to make agreements on the plan and how to get the most money out of this court case. The other party and they make agreements about different elements of the claim, if there is a claim. They will tell you what you want to hear. Engaging another lawyer does not help as the game will start all over again. Do not think you can have your rights well represented in court as every document could be false or manipulated by the court.  Other tricks they play concern your address or the address of the company. If your company’s address or the address of your NIE is not your current address, make sure to update it right away. The trick is that they can send notifications to your old address. In the end you are not receiving them and then they put the notification on the bill board of the town hall. Of course you are not reading the town hall bill board every week that is logic, but this is the formal way permitting somebody to say in the end,…


“You are informed” and a court case  can be started behind your back in Spain